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Brand Promise

We promise you to make your nail life more beautiful,
prettier and sparklier.

‘es’ stands for ‘elegant satisfaction,’ a coined term with a combination of ‘e’ as ‘elegante’ in Spanish and ‘s’ as ‘satisfaction’ in English. We open our first nail salon in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2003 and have continues to offer our customers high quality of technique and service to provide them with a great satisfaction through our ‘elegant satisfaction’ service. Although nail arts have become popular worldwide today, we do not consider our service just as the decoration of the nails but as a part of fashion in daily lives of our customers by adding colors to their daily lives. We sincerely hope that you feel relaxed and comfortable in our nail salons. We promise you to make your nail life more beautiful, prettier and sparklier. That is the only reason why we are there to serve you.

Salon Concept

With Japanese flavor and style, we offer a large, calm comfortable space while providing services.

We offer a variety of service which include, nail service, eyelash extension, eyelash perm, waxing, and Swarovski crystal decorating. In case you would like to experience elegante satisfaction privately we offer a VIP room with comfortable sofa chair. Upon request we can offer a variety of services performed at the same time. Japanese nail art is new to the states, We are excited about introducing are concept and designs to the states.

In Japan we believe nails are fashion!!

We value all customers are nail techs are available to discuss all your nail needs. We hope that spending time at esNAIL becomes one of your favorite things to do in your free time. Are goal is for you to experience elegante satisfaction every time. We offer a variety of decorations for all you elegant designs. We at esNAIL want to offer you the best experience. We strive on improving technique and hospitality to make your experience the best.




As a director of es NAIL group, Aiko manages nine nail salons, one rhinestone decoration shop, and one nail and decoration school in Japan.

Although Japanese nail arts have grown so much with popularity and easy access from thousands of nail salons all over the region, Aiko's unique ideas and original designs have made esNAIL to become one of the most famous nail salons in Japan today. She believes and creates nail arts as the extension of current fashion, and not only for cosmetic reasons. Therefore, esNAIL influences nail artists and other competitors in the industry as a strong leader today.

Japanese celebrities and Hollywood stars are always eager to taste her new works. Even more, she can be seen in TV programs, magazines, and has offers to produce the business product designs. She also receives requests from junior high and public institutions for vocational training. She has proven to be talented in variety of fields.

In her rhinestone decoration brand, Cellular phones are not the only things to create, but it also creates variety personal devices, including digital cameras, head phones, T-shirts, and so on. It can be used to customize any personal item.

In her nail school, she has a clear vision to educate nail artists to fit in any nail salon.

AIKO’s official blog 「Anata no heart wo nerai uchi」
(4,500,000PV per a month) up to May 2013

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