Brand Promise

We promise you to make your nail life more beautiful, prettier and sparklier.

‘es’ stands for ‘elegant satisfaction,’ a coined term with a combination of ‘e’ as ‘elegante’ in Spanish and ‘s’ as ‘satisfaction’ in English.

We open our first nail salon in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2003 and have continues to offer our customers high quality of technique and service to provide them with a great satisfaction through our ‘elegant satisfaction’ service.

Although nail arts have become popular worldwide today, we do not consider our service just as the decoration of the nails but as a part of fashion in daily lives of our customers by adding colors to their daily lives.

We sincerely hope that you feel relaxed and comfortable in our nail salons. We promise you to make your nail life more beautiful, prettier and sparklier. That is the only reason why we are there to serve you.

The History of esNAIL

2003founded nail salon es (later became esNAIL Shibuya main branch)
2005opened esNAIL Shinjuku
2006opened esNAIL Ikebukuro・Renewal and relocated esNAIL Shibuya main branch
2007opened esNAIL Nagoya・opened esNAIL Osaka
2009opened esHOLIC (the decoration brand)
2010opened esNAIL Jingumae(unified by Shibuya)・opened a nail school, esNAIL Academy
2011opened esNAIL Kichijoji
2012opened esNAIL Los Angeles ・opened esNAIL Roppongi・opened esNAIL Omiya
2015opened esNAIL Fukuoka

esNAIL salon map


esNAIL Reservation Office  (10:00am-21:00pm) all year round except December 31st to January 2nd

The Kanto region 03-5766-7780

esNAIL Shibuya main branch
(a 5-minute walk from Shibuya station)10:00am-22:00pm
25nail stations + まつげエクステサロン esLASH
esNAIL Shinjuku
(a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku station)12:30am-22:00pm
8nail stations
esNAIL Kichijoji
(a 5-minute walk from Kichijyoji station)
weekday & public holidays 12:00am-21:30pm
Saturday & Sunday 11:00am-21:00pm
5nail stations + HoneyLASH
esNAIL Omiya
(a 4-minute walk from Omiya station)11:00am-22:00pm
4nail stations + まつげエクステサロン esLASH

The Chubu region 052-262-8887

esNAIL Nagoya
(a 5-minute walk from Sakae station)9:30am-21:00pm
12nail stations

The Kansai region 06-6214-8003

esNAIL Osaka
(a 5-minute walk from Shinsai station)10:30-22:00
4nail stations

The Kyushu region 092-753-7015

esNAIL Fukuoka
(a 5-minute walk from Tenjin station)11:30-21:00
5nail stations

in The U.S. 323-655-5800

esNAIL Los Angeles Beverly Hills


We, all esNAIL salons, introduce the aftercare service for all our customers so that they can enjoy our nail arts.


We fix the nails, which are broken(※) in a week from the application of the nails, for free.
The broken nail → if it chipped, broken, or the nail art, the rhinestones, and the parts come off.

We always be careful to apply the nails because we use fingers and nails very often in our daily lives. However, no matter how much we apply them very carefully, sometimes they are broken unexpectedly. Therefore, we introduce the aftercare service.

We are sorry to take your time, but please call use when it happens as soon as possible. If you want to change the design, color and the length of the nails or they are broken because of your fault, we can fix them for a fee. If you can’t judge either it can be apply to the aftercare service or not, and if you have any question about the nails, please feel free to call us.

● Information(10:00am-20:30pm open all year round)

The Kanto region(Shibuya main branch, Shinjuku, Kichijoji, and Omiya)03-5766-7780
The Chubu region(Nagoya)052-262-8887
The Kansai region(Osaka)06-6214-8003
The Kyushu region(Fukuoka)092-753-7015
in The U.S.(Los Angeles Beverly Hills)323-655-5800

Nail Salon esNAIL